Basic Tune

The basic tune is thorough inspection of all moving parts, a shift and brake adjust, wipe down, and safety inspection.



Basic Plus Wheels
Covers everything in the Basic Tune, and adds wheel truing and hub adjustment.




Race Tune


Covers everything in the Basic Plus Wheels, and adds a degreasing of the bike.



Pro Tune

Covers everything in the Race Tune, and adds removal and degreasing of drivetrain, freehub overhaul, and all bearings inspected.



Full Overhaul

Complete tear down of frame, degreasing and cleaning of all parts, bearings inspected and replaced if needed*, handlebar tape replaced*, cables and housing replaced, wheels trued, all adjustments and safety inspections.


*parts not included

All tune services include installation of new parts. Cost of parts not included.

Service Specials

$125 MTB tune including brake bleed

$100 fork service that includes seals and fresh oil

Starting at $30 for standard dropper posts

Flat Fix

Replaces a single tube, checks for thorns. Tube not included.

Wrap Handlebars

Removes old tape, and wraps new tape.

Shift Adjust

Adjusts both front and rear derailleurs so the gears perform properly.


Brake Adjust

Adjusts both front and rear brakes. Includes installation of new pads.


Wheel True

Trues one wheel, includes installation of up to 2 spokes.


Brake Bleed

Bleed and adjust of a single Hydraulic Disc Brake.


Glue Tubular

Removes old tire, cleans rim, and glues new tire on your wheel. Cost of tire not included.
If the rim and tire are both new, $35