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We built our space with the community aspect of cycling in mind.  We want you to come in, browse around, chat about your riding, tell some war stories, see the sights, etc.  We’ve curated a great selection of unique clothing, performance & nutritional items, and of course, some damn sexy bikes.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Ask us!  We’ve got tons of product that isn’t on display and access to literally millions of unique sku’s.

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Dynamic Bike Fitting

We know that each cyclists experience depends upon the aggregate relationship of the individual body, the individual bike(s), and the synergy between the two.  To our very core, we are fit centric cycling analysts who use incredibly sophisticated technology to gain an insanely accurate level of understanding about each client and provide direction across the full spectrum of the sport. The bike fit is the best available, and it is just the beginning.





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Professional Level Service for Everyone



Your experience on every ride directly depends on the function of your bike.  We have assembled a team of pro-level mechanics who will cover everything from flat fixes and tune-ups on your junker to full-service overhauls, suspension rebuilds, and tubular gluing on your race bike.  We know that getting your machine back quickly is essential for we offer same day turnaround on many of our service packages.  See our service menu for more specifics.

Our Service Menu
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Repair and Service


We firmly believe that a bike shop is only as good as the worst person in its service department.  As such, we committed to ensuring that we only have the best techs with experience working on everything from vintage Schwinns and rusty Huffy’s to the ultra-high tech electronic systems and suspension designs of todays super bikes.  We provide insanely high quality service for every bike we take in with turnaround times that are typically less than half of other shops in the city.

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The Shop


On the service we’re a pretty well designed bike shop.  But once you dig deeper you’ll find a very well thought out selection of innovative, beautiful, and useful products.  We’ve got apparel that you won’t find anywhere else, some of the best bikes in the world (literally), nutritional selections curated by celebrity chef Biju Thomas, and an exhibition style service area.  We’re a shop designed by cyclists and created for cyclists.


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Truly Dynamic Bike Fitting


Positioning and bike setup analysis goes far beyond new bike purchases and performance enhancements. Our mission in developing our fit systems was to create something where we could analyze what is actually happening when the rider rides and use amazingly accurate information to make decisions. There is not one solution that is appropriate for every rider and we’ve assembled what could be argued as the world’s most complete suite of technology and tools to ensure that your bike is perfectly dialed in to you.

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Define Cycling

2535 Walnut St., Lower Level

(from Walnut make a left on 26th and a left into the alley between Walnut and Blake.  You can park in the lot on your right.  You can’t see us from the upper level, but walk right in to our space from the parking lot).

Denver, CO 80205


Hours: M-F 10am-7pm

Sat 10am-4pm

Wed Group Rides 6pm Sharp!

Fitting by appointment.

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